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A son of Savage (pure Woburn) with Jamieson on the dam side this stag is wide. At just over 50” he is this years widest. He scores 415 SCI and is very symmetrical. If you need to put some beam length and width on your herd this may be your answer.

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If you’re breeding for consistent drop tines than this 2 year old is for you. His sire is Razr a very multi-tined stag coming from Maineiac, this is 3 generations of strong drop tines on both sides. Deuce is a 1/2 brother to Icon

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If you like lots of tines than this 2 year old stag is for you. He is from our Savage bloodline (Woburn) over a Woburn dam. He is outstanding in antler production as a 1 and 2 year old. His long tines combined with over 30 points make him a special stag scoring over 300 at 2.  

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A proven producer on the farm. Despite breeding over 40 hinds this past fall he still increased his antlers by over 60 inches. He now scores 506. James has the Furzeland bloodline if Jamieson on the top and bottom of his pedigree. His yearling sons are very impressive with heavy beams and many points.

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Red Deer Sires Toxik

A son of Savage(pure Woburn) with Jamieson on the dam side this stag is stacked for antler production. He was in our breeding program last fall and the results are great. He gained 30 inches from last year and now scores 421 SCI. He has always maintained a clean look to his antlers with extremely long tines and symmetrical.

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Red Deer Sires from Shakaree Red Deer Farm Icon

The largest 3 yr. old we have produced to date, scoring 435 with nearly 50 points he is a special stag. His sire is Maineiac (Woburn) and his mother is Furzeland. The combination of long tines and the multiple drop tines and stickers make this stag very appealing. ICON is very docile and his bloodline would be a great addition to your ranch.

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336 Yellow

A son of Blade (pure Woburn) is a large framed stag with 409” of antler. His antlers are very clean with great tine impressive placement. All of his bottom tines are over 16” and the combined score is 116.  

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New to our breeding program is this impressive 2 year old stag. He has carried huge mass for his age at 1 and 2 years of age. At 1 he had 6lbs of antler and 26 points and at 2 he now has over 30 points and his cut off antler weighs over 14 lbs. He is a grandson of Remington (pure Furzeland 479 SCI) with his combination of width, mass, and points this is a promising young stag.  

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2008 AI Sires

Aragorn Herbrand Kingston
Odysseus Click on any of these photos for a larger,  more detailed version. Hannibal

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