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Red Deer Velvet Capsules

Red Deer Velvet CapsulesA Powerful Traditional
Chinese Formula for Energy, Stamina and Performance*

The concepts of yin and yang have been widely romanticized in Western civilization. However. according to the Oriental philosophy, yin and yang are considered cosmic forces which are thought to govern all natural phenomena. Keeping these powerful yet complementary forces in balance and harmony is the focus of both ancient and modern practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Maintaining this delicate balance within the body is considered the key to maintaining health. To achieve balance and to help maintain wellness, many of today's practitioners utilize ancient herbal formulas and tonics.
Among the most prestigious and widely used components of these formulas is red deer antler velvet. The deer is the most important animal to Oriental medicine because it contains the most yang energy. In fact, the deer is regarded as a symbol of longevity and the antler is the most prized part of the deer.

Supports Muscular Development*

RED DEER VELVET is produced from the nutrient-rich velvety membrane of antlers. The antler of a male deer is comprised of outside velvet that is similar to its skin and contains blood vessels, cartilage and marrow. It has been traditionally used in China as a tonic to maintain health. The earliest known use of antler velvet was found on a silk scroll recovered from a Han tomb in the Hunan Province of China. The two thousand year-old scroll recommends antler velvet for 52 Specific health concerns. Today it is used as a dietary supplement to strengthen and support muscular development,' to promote joint mobility' and to increase energy and stamina'—making it a preferred product for athletes and those wanting to improve performance and maintain an active lifestyle.

A Natural Source of
Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates for Joint Mobility*

The products of Maine Nutritionals are based on the power of antler velvet extract. The antlers of deer are remarkable because they are the only body appendage in advanced mammals that can regenerate itself. According to Dr. Earl Mindell, the special combination of powerful nutrients found in deer antler (such as glycosaminoglycans, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfates, amino acids, pantocrine, prostaglandin, nucleosides, and natural Insulin Growth factor- I) can support the body in many ways.
Numerous scientific studies support the efficacy of antler velvet. A study using Russian Olympic athletes has shown that deer velvet dramatically improves sports performance. New Zealand studies indicate that It promotes muscular development. Many significant studies have shown that key ingredients in RED DEER VELVET—glycosaminoglycans, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate—promote joint mobility.' Dr. Alex Duarte, who has written extensively on health and nutrition, contends that RED DEER VELVET closely resembles cartilage in composition. He advises that you may want to make velvet antler a part of your supplement program.' While Dr. Mindell recommends RED DEER VELVET as part of an anti-aging program.

The Perfect Renewable Resource

Our RED DEER VELVET is 100% pure and processed according to pharmaceutical grade standards. Located just minutes from the border of Canada, Maine Nutritionals is committed to promoting the finest traditional red deer products that are validated by modern science.
All deer antlers used in Maine Nutritionals products are compassionately harvested. Animal biologists and veterinarians report that the antler removal process causes no stress to the deer. Each year, the antlers grow back making RED DEER VELVET a renewable resource.



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